The Corcovado with the Christ Redeemer is the most popular touristic point of Rio de Janeiro. It is impossible to visit the city and not be dazzled by the monument and the view it provides.

How to go there?

From Copacabana – There are vans that leave from Praça do Lido (Posto 2) every 15 minutes without stop. Check more informations in the official site . The price varies between R $ 53 and R $ 65, depending on the season. Discount for children and seniors. There are sales also in Praça do Lido and are accepted cash and credit and debit cards. Cardeal Arcoverde subway station is very close to the location. More information here on the official website or you can buy a combo of tours here .

From Largo do Machado – The Vans run from 15 to 15 minutes and the output is in front of the church. Leaving Copacabana, you take line 1 direct to downtown and stop at Metro Largo do Machado station. It’s easy. The information in relation to internet sales, sales on the spot and price are similar to Copacabana. More information, visit the official site by clicking here or if you want to buy a combo of tours, press here.

From  Palneiras – The Vans leave from the old Hotel Paineiras. Only Vans can follow way. You can buy on the spot in cash or by the official website. Because os the proximity, the price is slightly cheaper, ranging from R $ 26 to R $ 38. The discounts are the same of Copacabana and Largo do Machado.



The Famous train to Corcovado

The More Playful way to go to he Christ is by the train. You can buy in the official site or at RioTur Kiosks.  There is one in the Atlantic Avenue in front of Siqueira Campos Street. In this case, you can only buy the tickets in advance. The price varies between R$ 56 and R$ 68




You can buy this and others tour in the site.

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